About Us

The Movement Studio Pilates is a collaborative team of professionals dedicated to supporting you to achieve your movement goals. Pilates is a practice for every human body no matter your age, gender or ability and we will move you.

We believe there is power in movement: both physical movement & movement of the mind. Pilates changes our beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable of.

As a collective, our training, personal experiences, and science-based education offers you a unique approach to Pilates. We honour how you move naturally while offering an invitation to explore and extend your movement potential through finely-tuned, individualized programs, even in a group setting.

Our studio is a modern, intimate space where you can discover meaningful connections to your body with an open, like-minded community, through Pilates.

Meet the Movement Studio Pilates Team

Highly trained, certified instructors at The Movement Studio are passionate about evolving their teaching practices. Dedicated to ongoing education, they share a unique approach to body training, structural integration, and movement patterning.

“We invite you to increase your body awareness and learn exercises that will last a lifetime in an encouraging and non-competitive environment with our excellent instructors. My goal is to create a space where people can enjoy learning about their bodies in a safe and inspiring environment; one in which they feel comfortable to explore movement possibilities in a curious, expressive and creative way, while still honouring Joseph Pilates’ grand vision of a revolutionary movement practice and recognizing it’s expansive and evolutionary potential.”

– Karen Weggler, Studio Director

Karen Weggler, BAA dance, MA, CPI, Physio Rehab assistant

Meet Karen Weggler, the passionate owner of The Movement Studio Pilates and Gyrotonic in Vancouver, BC, with over 20 years of teaching experience. Karen’s journey in movement started with classical and modern dance, complemented by a semi-professional equestrian career. She began practicing Pilates at the age of 13 and has trained with Pilates elders Lolita San Miguel and Mary Bowen.

With both an Honours BAA and MA in Movement Education and Fine Arts/Dance, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her dedication to ongoing education is evident in her commitment to understanding human movement and biomechanics. Karen’s interest in rehabilitative and functional movement training stems from personal experiences with injuries and her pre/post natal journey, leading her to collaborate with Dr. Larry Chan at Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre & Dr Sonya Kashyap at Genesis Fertility. Karen is also thrilled to be part of the Envision Physiotherapy team, bringing her love for Pilates and deep respect for the wisdom of the body to help clients realize their full movement potential in the post-acute injury phase of recovery. Karen is currently on mat leave and will be returning soon!

Cinzia Toniolo, CPI, CST, Physio Rehab Assistant

Meet Cinzia Toniolo, a passionate Pilates instructor and certified DESM Therapist. Discovering the joy of movement in adulthood, Cinzia has been teaching Pilates since 2002. With a focus on fluidity, balance, and release, she is dedicated to helping clients manage pain and progress through rehabilitation.

Cinzia’s sessions offer careful observation, support, and inspiring language to optimize movement efficiency. Specializing in spinal conditions, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries, also works with pre and post-partum women. As an avid runner and hiker, Cinzia leads classes tailored for athletes seeking performance improvement.
Exciting news! Cinzia is now certified by Dr. Martha Eddy to teach Movement for Life, an exercise program for people with breast cancer. Cinzia is available full-time, Monday through Sunday, offering Pilates, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Movement Therapy.

Lynne Crocker
Lynne Crocker, CPI

Meet Lynne Crocker, a Certified Pilates instructor with a background in film and television production. Lynne is passionate about empowering clients to discover a deeper mind-body connection through movement, utilizing her training from Pilates Process. With a thoughtful, patient and empathetic approach, Lynne loves to progressively and safely challenge clients out of their comfort zone. A firm believer that movement should be joyful, she endeavours for clients to leave classes and private sessions feeling light, calm and balanced. Lynne is available on Wednesday and Saturday at the studio.

Katie Cassady, CPI

Meet Katie Cassady, a passionate Pilates teacher, dancer, and choreographer. Trained through Pilates Process and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Katie empowers individuals through body awareness, strength, and personal expression. Over the years she has gained experience and a keen interest in helping clients with pain, injury, and chronic conditions on their rehabilitation journey. Focussing on movement re-patterning and building strength, Katie offers a tailored approach working towards clients’ specific movement goals. Schedule your session with Katie at our Studio location Monday to Friday.

Catherine Murray, CPI, Physio Rehab Assistant

Meet Catherine Murray, a fully certified Pilates instructor with a background in dance. Transitioning from a dance career to Pilates, Catherine brings a love of movement and a deep understanding of the human body to her teaching. Her goal is to help clients
connect with their bodies and achieve greater range and ease of motion for daily life. Catherine is available Monday afternoons at the Studio location.

Marlis Vos, CPI, Physio Rehab Assistant

Meet Marlis Vos, a dynamic Pilates instructor with over 15 years of experience. As a former dancer, Marlis integrates Pilates, DMS, cross-chain training, and fascial studies for a unique approach to functional movement. Her journey through a serious back
injury inspired her to study rehabilitation, making her teaching practice deeply informed and intuitive.Marlis believes Pilates is a valuable form of therapy, offering simple, practical solutions for improved mobility. Grateful for the transformative power of Pilates, she teaches to help others explore better movement, health, and a balanced life. Marlis is available at both The Movement Studio and Clinic locations.

Mark Lee

Meet Mark Lee, the dedicated Administrative Assistant with five years of experience in customer and client satisfaction. Passionate about leaving a positive impact, Mark welcomes everyone with an open mind. When not behind the computer, he enjoys
practicing martial arts, gaming, and exploring productivity hacks. Catch Mark riding his electric unicycle during sunny seasons. He looks forward to meeting you and elevating your journey with The Movement Studio.